Producing with specializations in Voice Over

Upon entering USC's Game Design Masters Program, Abby focused in on her specialization in entertainment. Someone out there was producing the voice overs, casting actors and directing their performances in her favorite games. A decade in the theatre world as talent with a love for the medium of interactive media lead to the culmination of her focusing on voice over producing for games. Her choice was solidified when she spent half of her 1st year as a graduate student also working part time for voice over production company Horseless Cowboy who's notable works include the Destiny™ series, Life is Strange™ and Bethesda's Fallout 4™. 

USC Work

For her work in the classroom and outside it she was recognized as an Annenberg Awarded Fellow in the School of Cinematic Arts, working for the university on its esports and online broadcasting initiatives. Some other highlights during her tenure there include being selected for the Marshall School of Business's Graduate certificate program of Entertainment Business and alongside her cohort getting to showcase their games projects at the esteemed IndieCade 2020 in Santa Monica. 

Her classwork is diverse with an understanding of the entire game development pipeline required but for electives Abby's focuses on games producing, project management styles, narrative structures and audio processes. Building up a portfolio over the program with class projects at the forefront is vital and included below are select pieces. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 4.18.40 PM

Heirloom is a first person exploration game which primarily uses audio and environmental storytelling to immerse the player in the lives of three women in the American South. Kit, Hailey, and Anne Marie are three different generations from a single family in the 1970s and 1980s. After uncovering a dark secret, it’s up to the player to assemble together the pieces of this multigenerational story.

The game was developed entirely remotely in collaboration with two students at Berklee School of Music as part of BAFTA award winning professor Richard Lemarchand’s intermediate game production course over the course of 13 weeks in Fall of 2020.Heirloom is available to download now for PC and Mac.

Players will need a utility to un-zip and un-tar files.

Headphones and a mouse are recommended.


Abby served as Co-Game Designer, Co-writer, VO for the character of Hailey, Casting and Performance Director, and Games / Audio Producer.)

Team members: Kathryn Yu, Ben Lipkin and Aya Yuasa. 

Cast: Leeanna Albanese, Kat Peterson, and Amanda Hufford

Special thanks to Sean Bloom, Richard Lemarchand, Kenny Wei, Mariana Cacique, the Fall 2020 class of CTIN-532, and all of our playtesters.

Art by: Tyler Jacobson

Narrative Writing - Design Doc

For a project in Nebula™ award winning Professor Maureen McHugh's class, Abby wrote a sweeping 27 page Design Doc called Legends of Arcania. Students were instructed to serve as Creative Directors outlining the entire scope of the game from gameplay, story beats and branching choices the player could make. With sensitivity readers from Persia and Jordan she created the outline for a RPG fantasy set in the not often portrayed in video games, medieval Middle East. 

Twine Game - Dating Sim

Inspired by the horrors of dating in a Gen Z digital age, during the semester of her Experiments in Interactivity class she wrote and produced a Twine Game, Intertwined. Feedback on the piece praised its biting humor, strong individualistic characterizations and surprising ending. 

Art by Chi Sato

360 Video - Women in Competitive Games

Dedicated to all the women and girls Abby has met in games, her most difficult and emotionally hard-hitting project was The Day in the Life of a Gamer Girl, a 360 video meant to illustrate the difficulties many women face in online communities on the basis on their gender. After an online competitive match one day where the loss of the team was blamed on her gender and not her skill, she strived in this project for her Experiments in Inactivity class, to capture the feelings and constant barrage it can feel like to exist as a woman in games. After filming, she then edited in Adobe Audition an audio landscape cut from famous female streamers and friends alike of verbal abuse they've suffered in game. Trigger warning for graphic description of violence.