"You're just like a Hobbit! You have curly hair, you're really short, you detest leaving your house, and you love breakfast food,was a favorite comment Abby received from a classmate likening her persona to that of the race of Lord of the Rings heroes like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Abby Sherlock is an award-winning and recognized 26-year-old producer, director and actor. Before all that, she was born and raised in South Carolina, growing up as a child actor and closet fantasy/sci-fi/comic nerd while performing the part of preppy cheerleader and varsity lacrosse player in her daily life. Upon reaching undergraduate at UC San Diego she expanded her artistic passions into multiple fields and practices around gaming, film and esports.

She is a constant advocate for women in the gaming space and her voice has been highlighted by multiple organizations and publications where she takes great pride in mentoring the next generation of female leaders. Working to foster a more kind and diverse community through media mediums is what fueled her throughout her endeavors in graduate school at the University of Southern California.

Currently, she is involved in future Games Production at Riot Games while also hosting and acting, casting and directing VO when she can.

In her free time she enjoys playing JRPGS and action-adventure games, period films, magical girl anime, practicing yoga, (not the hot kind), reading fantasy or historical fiction novels and spending time with her large Canadian-Texan family + pets.

Individual Industry Awards or Recognition:

  • Forbes 30 under 30 2024 in Games
    • November 2023: Forbes Magazine
  • BAFTA Connect Member
    • June 2023: British Academy of Film and Television
  • Game Awards Future Member Class
    • Date: Nov 2022 Issuer: The Game Awards
  • SPG100 Honoree
    • Date: March 2022 Issuer: She Plays Games
  • JBL Quantum Changemakers Winner
    • Date: Sept 2021 Issuer: 1,000 Dreams Fund
  • University or College Student Portfolio Award Winner
    • Date: Aug 2021  Issuer: Woman in Games Global
  • ABKAspring Woman in Games Scholar
    • Date: Feb 2021  Issuer: Activision Blizzard King
  • Women In Games Ambassador
    • Date: Jul 2020  Issuer: Women in Games Global
  • Girls Make Games Fellow
    • Date: Mar 2020  Issuer: Girls Make Games
  • IGDA Foundation Velocity Recipient
    • Date: Jan 2020  Issuer: IGDA Foundation
  • Forbes 30 under 30 Runner-up Finalist in Games
      • Date: Sep 2018 and Dec 2022  Issuer: Forbes Magazine